Panel: “Outcomes and Accountability: Holy Grail, Wholly Possible or Black Hole”:

On both sides of the Tasman, funders (and many other third sector organisations) have been in search of the elusive 'outcomes'.Guided by the Government Procurement Branch of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the New Zealand government is moving to implement a "Streamlined Contracting Framework" across all government funders, including the standard use of an outcome measurement tool, like Results Based Accountability (RBA) or equivalent. Its an issue at the top of the agenda for many policy makers, researcher, funders and third sector organisations.

The Keynote panel:
Dr Annie Weir, Director of Impact Research, Auckland has worked extensively with RBA and other outcomes measures
Dr Michael Houlbrook, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, whose research looked at the impact of imposed RBA on small community-based organisations.

Kate Frykberg, Executive director of the Todd Foundation, Chair of Philanthropy NZ, Executive Director of the Todd Foundation and a prominent NZ blogger on philanthropy & community. See conference site for details.