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High Quality Research and Evaluation

Impact Research NZ produces high quality research and evaluation within New Zealand’s social services sector.  We aim to improve lives for individuals, families and communities by working collaboratively with both government and non-government organisations in ways which help them to deliver the best services they possibly can to those who most need them.

“Are we making a difference?”  is a question that needs to be asked by social service providers, and research and evaluation are now seen as essential elements in social service provision in terms of answering that question.  Research and evaluation provide the means of informing service modification and improvement, and of measuring outcomes.

Our Vision
Our vision at Impact Research NZ is to change lives for the better through high quality research and evaluation that improves the way organisations work to achieve their goals.

Our Mission:
Impact Research NZ will be a leading New Zealand provider of research and evaluation. We will do this by:

  • providing high quality research and evaluation to support development in the social services, education and health sectors;
  • working with government agencies, non-government organisations, service providers and academic institutions locally, nationally, and internationally in support of social policy, practice and community development:
  • working collaboratively and respectfully with Maori as Tangata Whenua;
  • working collaboratively and respectfully with Pasifika, Asian and other cultures of Aotearoa, New Zealand;
  • enabling organisations to improve the way they deliver social services in the community.

Our Values:
Impact Research NZ values are:

  • We will act in an ethical manner and with integrity
  • We will treat others with respect
  • We will be dependable
  • We will be open-minded

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"At Impact Research NZ, we are passionate about improving the lives of New Zealanders through high quality research and evaluation, which has an impact on service delivery within the social sector”.

Annie Weir, Director, Impact Research NZ

Our People
At Impact Research NZ we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. With researchers and Research Associates who are leaders in their fields, our combined experience and expertise encompasses a broad range of social sector interests.
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Our Research and Evaluation
Research and evaluation are now seen as essential elements in the provision of the social services, and provide the means of measuring outcomes for clients, and informing service improvement.

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Impact Research NZ
PO Box 9591 Newmarket
Auckland 1149
Phone: +64 027 612 4335
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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