Research Team

Research Team

Dr Annie Weir

Dr Weir is passionate about producing credible research and evaluation that informs organisational policies and practices in the education, health and social service sectors. She is particularly interested in how agencies and organisations interpret and implement government policies. Her research and evaluation projects have involved investigations into marginalised and vulnerable groups in New Zealand for example, early childhood intervention programmes, youth, justice, refugees, and older adults including those living with dementia. Her work includes facilitating “Dancing with Data’ programme aimed at building organisational capacity in the social services sector to conduct and/or utilise evidence from research and evaluation to inform decision making and practice. A focus of her current work also includes helping organisations to implement client-outcomes focused evaluation including Results Based Accountability (RBA). Her recent experience includes working with Māori and Pasifika on numerous social services, health and education projects.

Dr Weir holds a PhD in Education from Victoria University of Wellington. She is currently an Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Critical Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. She has held senior education and quality management roles in tertiary education and the non- government sector. She has been involved in research and evaluation in higher education, healthcare management and social services for many years in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In November 2011 she returned from Scotland where she had held the post of Research Fellow, Centre for Educational Sociology, and was Healthcare Management Research Fellow with the Business School, University of Edinburgh. Dr Weir has collaborated on a number of projects related to the interface between health and higher education. She has also worked on a large European project focused on knowledge in relation to education and health policy

Her recent research and evaluation has included:

  • Organisation reviews
  • Programme evaluations
  • Social impact evaluations
  • Implementing and supporting Results Based Accountability
  • Designing outcomes frameworks and measures
  • Research initiatives and evaluation of programmes that support pepe, tamariki, rangatahi and whānau health and well-being
  • Research and evaluation of community responses to people living with dementia
  • Research and evaluation in family violence
  • Research and evaluation in social housing
  • Evaluation of social work initiatives
  • Evaluation of mental health initiatives
  • Facilitating roundtable reporting for philanthropic trusts
  • Conducting Dancing with Data workshops aimed at building organisational capacity of non-government organisations to conduct their own research and evaluation

She has authored numerous research and evaluation reports, and articles, and has presented at international conferences in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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Professional Committees/Groups:
  • 2013/19 Australasian Evaluation Society
  • 2013/19 Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Society
  • 2013/19 Women's Studies Association Organising Committee
  • 2017/19 International Society Third Sector Research

Dr Jane Holmes
Research Coordinator

Dr Holmes completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Auckland. She has worked in both the tertiary education and community-based sectors. Her research interests are predominantly in the broad area of aging including such factors as perceived control, social representations, cognitive appraisal and the psychosocial influences of ageism, health beliefs and decision making for treatment options and the social and psychological impact of neurogenerative diseases.

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Our Research Associates

We are fortunate to have a group of highly qualified research associates who work in health, education and social services sectors that join us on a per project basis which provides flexibility and ensures we have the right people to join the project team.

Our contract researchers and research assistants

We offer part-time contract positions to researchers and research assistants who hold a PhD or Masters. Often we have contracted PhD students who combine work with us with their studies.

Our People
At Impact Research NZ we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. With researchers and Research Associates who are leaders in their fields, our combined experience and expertise encompasses a broad range of social sector interests.
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Our Research and Evaluation
Research and evaluation are now seen as essential elements in the provision of the social services, and provide the means of measuring outcomes for clients, and informing service improvement.

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